PPBF: I Hate Everyone

Author: Naomi Danis
 Cinta Arribas
POW!, 2018
Themes: emotions, parties, frustration
Opening: It’s my birthday, so boo! I hate all of you.

Summary: (from my library catalog) “I hate everyone.” In your worst mood, it’s a phrase you might want to shout out loud, even if, deep down, you don’t really mean it. Set at a birthday party, this disgruntled, first-person story portrays the confusing feelings that sometimes make it impossible to be nice, even or especially when everyone else is in a partying mode. A gorgeous, poetic contemplation, sure to elicit a reaction from readers.

I like this book because: That cover! And I do have a weakness for the magic artists can create with a limited palette. I get this character, we’ve all been in her shoes, and it’s so easy to identify with her situation, even if we don’t know what brought on the initial frustration. I also appreciate the close-up perspective in most of the spreads, which allow the reader to be right there as an ally.

Resources/activities: discuss what might frustrate us. Are these BIG deals or is it okay to be frustrated when they are not. Can we think of strategies to help us get through them, can we be kind to ourselves and be with our feelings even when it doesn’t please others? Draw yourself in a situation where you might feel frustrated.

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PPBF: Daytime Visions, An Alphabet

DaytimeVisionsCoverAuthor/Illustrator: Isol
Publisher: Enchanted Lion, 2015 (adapted into Engl. by Isol and Elisa Amado)
Age: 3 and up
Themes: alphabet, feelings, color
Opening: Aa – That’s not an answer.
Summary: (from my library catalog) This alphabet book explores feelings, raises questions, and features rich, thought-provoking pictures.

DaytimeVisionsEndpapersResources/Activities: compare with other alphabet books; make your own personal alphabet book; read about Isol’s work at Picturebook Makers; visit Isol’s blog.

DaytimeVisions1Why I like this book: Simple, clever collages – all playful explorations of letters, sounds and color which will put anyone in the mindset for learning.

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PPBF: Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

ToughGuyscoverAuthor/Illustrator: Keith Negley
Publisher: Nobrow, 2015; first publ. in England by Flying Eye, 2015
Ages: 4-7
Themes: feelings, emotions, men and emotions
Opening: It’s not always easy being a tough guy…You might not think it, but tough guys have feelings too.

ToughGuysendpapersSummary: (from my library catalog) Explains through simple text and colorful illustrations that tough guys have the same feelings as you and I.

ToughGuys1.pngWhy I like this book: It’s such a bright and attractive, bold yet simply illustrated book which compliments and leaves much room for reflecting on the simple statements on each page.

ToughGuys2.pngResources/activities: there is so much to talk about – each spread will easily invite discussion; expand upon feelings that not-so-tough guys, or strong women might have too, and how similar we all are.

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Mad at Mommy

Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Mad at Mommy

Author/Illustrator: Komako Sakai

Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books, 2000

Ages: 3-6, 40 pages

Opening lines: Mommy, I-I-I AM SO MAD AT YOU!

This little bunny needs to dig deep and share hurt feelings and pose new threats, but finds he is safe to do so.

Simple, charming illustrations play with soft pastels and strong contrast.

Resource for home or classroom:

The PIE Approach: Parents can effectively teach their children to manage their emotions by helping them to process, identify and appropriately express their emotions.