PPBF: Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes


Author: Clyde Watson
Illustrator: Wendy Watson
Publisher: 1971, HarperCollins Publishers; Reprint edition, 2001
Age: 3 and up
Themes: Nursery rhymes, children’s poetry
Opening: The sky is dark, there blows a storm. Our cider is hot, the fire is warm. The snow is deep & the night is long: Old Father Fox, will you sing us a song?
Summary: (from Amazon) Full of vim, vigor, and robust silliness, Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes is at long last back in print. Father Fox and his russet-furred, pointy-nosed family romp through the pages of these original American nursery rhymes, written and illustrated in the early 1970s by a pair of Vermonter sisters, Clyde and Wendy Watson. Each two-page spread features a quirky little verse on one side and framed pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations on the other. The extensive Fox family, in their patchwork-mended clothes, tumble over one another as they depict the very rhymes their father tells.

Why I like this book: I have a real weakness for nursery rhymes, so when someone mentioned this volume I rushed to put it on hold at the library. I love the humor and lightness in the illustrations too. Can hardly wait to share it with my little neighbor, Penelope. As soon as I get another chance to babysit!

Resources/Activities: read more nursery rhymes; nursery rhymes in a foreign language are a fun way to share a language you may speak but your young one does not, without the pressure of ‘teaching’.

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