PPBF: ¿Entonces?/Then?

Author/Illustrator: Kitty Crowther
Publisher: Corimbo, 2007
Ages: 2-5yrs
Themes: Spanish language, toys
Opening: ¿Entonces? ¿Esta? No. (in English: Then? This one? No.)

Crowther,KittySummary: (From my library catalog) A blue teddy bear, a pink rabbit, and other toys gather in the playroom to await the arrival of the child.  (in Spanish) Un oso de peluche azul, un conejo rosa, y otros juguetes se reúnen en la sala de juegos para esperar la llegada del niño. I like this book because: I was looking for books illustrated by Kitty Crowler and found this one, but only in Spanish. The story is one of few words, and only 12 spreads, plus endpapers, and in a very small format, approx. 6×7.25″. Ionly wish it were a little softer so I could hug it a little longer. I did not need to translate the book to understand it – even if I did I would be left with the same amount of suspense as each figure enters the room asking, “Then?” It is delightful, just the thought of a small child’s stuffed animals waiting for him so they can all climb into bed together! Crowther’s illustrations are darling but not too sweet – perfect! – which led me to do a little more research, and I found that she was the recipient of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2010 – read more HERE; or listen to the video interview below:

Resources/activities: Feeling creative? Make a special bedtime buddy from a child’s own drawing, or have one custom made HERE, or give it a go with simple step-by-step instructions HERE; talk about getting ready for bed and personal rituals. Read another Crowther bedtime book in French: Scritch Scratch dip clapote! – or wiggle your way through like I did, having fun deciphering the words and enjoying the pictures!

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