SteigFEST 7: Caleb & Kate


Author/Illustrator: William Steig
Publisher: David R. Godine; 1st edition 1984
Ages: 4 and up
Themes: humorous books, monsters, fantasy
Opening: Caleb the carpenter and Kate the weaver loved each other, but not every single minute. Once in a while they’d differ about this or that and wind up in such a fierce quarrel you’d never believe they were husband and wife.


I like this book because: it’s as much a book for kids, with just enough magic – and a dog! – as for adults. And it’s a great way to begin a dialogue with kids about parents sometimes arguing though they still love each other.


Resources/activities: ask what animal would students like to be transformed into for fun; discuss with students what they might do if they found a stray dog; have someone from your community’s animal rescue department come to talk about correct behavior handling a stray animal.

P1160069Two tidbits today: Want to own a print? Check out the NewYorker prints, like the one below, available at Condé Nast – HERE; I just found it kinda funny that someone chose the same main character names for a romance novel.

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