PPBF: The Invisible Alphabet

Author: Joshua David Stein
 Ron Barrett
Publisher: Rise/PRH, 2020
Themes: alphabet, 2-color palette, concept book

Opening: see image below.

Summary: (from my library catalog) Illustrations and simple text for each letter of the alphabet represent invisible items, some that are gone and some that have not arrived, such as a bus that has been delayed–or missed. (A lack of passion here, I’d say!)

I picked this book because: the cover intrigued me, especially the hint that it might have a VERY limited palette! I love to see someone tackle a visual challenge, and the concept must have been quite the puzzle too! But both author and illustrator make it look deceptively simple! I also appreciate visuals that are easy for the very young to read – not that I don’t like beautifully detailed illustrations, but it’s not only important to get a message across, it also teaches us something about the power of being concise. I’ve already read it multiple times with a consistent smile on my face!

plenty of detail but easy to read

Resources/activities! see if you can come up with more words to use for each letter and drawings to go with them!

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