PPBF: Pierre and Paul: Dragon!

Needed to show off all the pollen on my porch!

Author: Caroline Adderson
 Alice Carter
Publisher: Owl Kids, 2021
Themes: imagination, bilingual stories, dragons
Opening: see opening page below image of title page.

Summary: (from my library catalog) Pierre speaks French and Paul speaks English, but that doesn’t stop them from being friends and exploring together. Today is garbage day, so the duo sets out to find hidden treasures in the trash. Treasure map in hand, they encounter poisonous swamps, dark forests, a dragon, and even a tsunami! (Or maybe it’s a garbage truck driving through a puddle). When the tsunami sweeps away their treasure map, they think all is lost–until they finally find a treasure lying in plain sight. Told half in French and half in English, this uses simple phrases and clues in the illustrations to make the story accessible to readers in both languages. Full of imagination this is a story of friendship.

I read this book because: my friend Julie Abery recommended it on IG, and I was immediately intrigued by a book that seemed so good on so many levels: imagination, friendship, language, and the sense of adventure! And it delivers on all fronts! in our family’s bookshelf my dad kept what looked like a French comic book and I poured over it hoping my efforts would magically teach me French! Well, it achieved something better, the desire to learn other languages and the sound of words! That and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Beck who taught us a bit of Spanish! This was a fun way to test what I have retained form HS French! And I bet my dad would enjoy it too!

Resources/activities: go to your library’s foreign language sections – hopefully they have one with kids books – and take home a pile to try out your pronunciation skills and detective skills! Watch a kids show

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