PPBF: Book! Book! Book!

Book!coverAuthor: Deborah Bruss
Illustrator: Tiphanie Beeke
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine, 2001
Age: 1-4
Themes: domestic animals, libraries, books
Opening: (see image below)

Book!1.jpgSummary: (from my library catalog) When the children go back to school, the animals on the farm are bored, so they go into the library in town trying to find something to do.

Book!2Why I like this book: My friend and ‘professional’ babysitter, Mila, recommended this to me years ago. Still packs a solid punch. I was recently lamenting about a beautiful new book with a very flat story and wonder why so many books get published that just don’t make the cut when read aloud, as I am sure EVRY writer, or wanna-be writer does. This is visually engaging AND it has perfect pacing and a solid story with a very funny ending – do look for it!!

Book!3.jpgResources/Activities: discuss what a librarian does; take a field-trip to the library, arrange (ahead) for the children’s librarian to give your child(ren) a ‘tour’; take home a new-to-you book! book! book!

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PPBF: The Snatchabook

Author: Helen Docherty
Illustrator: Thomas Docherty
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabbberwocky, 2013
Ages: 3 and up
Themes: books, stories, community, sharing
Opening: One dark, dark night in Burrow Down, a rabbit named Eliza Brown found a book and settled down…when a Snatchabook flew into town.
Summary: (from my library catalogue) The woodland animals of Burrow Down are ready for a bedtime story, but where are the books? Haha! That was short!

I like this book because: I don’t like to throw out terms like classic, or evergreen, in fact, I haven’t ever attempted to predict a book’s success, but… yeah, I think this is one! Not only a clever premise, but a great read-aloud, and a celebration of stories and reading, inclusion and community. It has a delightful play of contrast with bright, colorful images, and moonlit, windy, owl-hooting darkness and such endearing characters. Oops, I almost forgot…it’s a rhymer!

Resources/activities: This is a perfect vehicle to start a discussion on favorite stories, books we like to read with our families, even how books should be treated and stored; talk about sharing books with those who don’t have many; start a book collection for a school in need; make a drawing/picture or diorama of Eliza’s room in the tree.

For more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.