PPBF: The Meanest Birthday Girl

Author/Illustrator: Josh Schneider
 Clarion Books, 2013
Age Level: 6-9/Easy Reader
Themes: birthdays, gifts, elephants
Opening: It was Dana’s birthday and she could do whatever she liked.
Summary: (From my library catalog) Dana soon learns that receiving a big white elephant for her birthday is not as wonderful as she thought it would be.

Why I like it: I know this is not specifically a picture book, but I could not resist sharing it! I mean, is that first line loaded or what? We know there will be trouble! It’s got made up words, bright fun illustrations, packed with emotions we can all identify with – and a silly straw too!

Resources/Activities: This could help lead into a discussion about getting what we want and how that might affect others; have kids draw pictures of their ideal birthday breakfast; Read his picture book Tales for Very Picky Eaters, then listen to Josh Schneider introduce and share some of the backstory – HERE

Happy Birthday to Me!

How thoughtful! Another writing challenge and it starts on my birthday! I shouldn’t have, but I hope I like it!

You may wonder why, if I enjoy writing so much, do I need to append at someone else’s prompting. Think of me at my desk and note the view I have of the kitchen floor and clothing strewn across stacks of kid’s schoolwork. Got the picture? Daily household tasks if avoided are rewarded with dust bunnies that leave droppings, or a laundry pile that could receive R38 on an insulation scale. Sadly I am often more motivated to tidy up than to revise a manuscript draft, again. Funny how I can procrastinate by tackling chores!

So when I am home, not driving a kid somewhere, volunteering, or digging weeds for cash, I need to exercise good discipline to write.  One way to keep me writing is to join in on a challenge. The reward is in the ‘keeping’.

And it’s one more thing to keep me busy while I’m busy.