PPBF: Hooray for Bread

Author: Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator: Bruce Ingman
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2013
Age: 3 – 7 yrs
Themes: bread, stories in rhyme
Opening: This is the tale of a loaf of bread, from the day it was born in a baker’s oven, baking hot on a cold and frosty morn.

Bread Dreams

Summary: A day in the life of a loaf of bread that is baked early in the morning and enjoyed slice by slice by the baker and his wife as well as their son, a dog, ducks, fish, birds, and finally a tiny mouse that nibbles up the last crumbs. “A book to read for breakfast. A book to read in bed. A tasty tale sold slice by slice. Hooray, hooray …for bread!”

Why I like this book: As I have enjoyed this duo’s other books, Runaway Dinner and The Pencil, so I jumped right in on this delightful romp around the kitchen. I like the simple, light-hearted illustrations with a warm hue – mmm, like fresh baked!

Resources/Activities: Bake some bread of course! Find an easy recipe HERE; If you can’t bake in a classroom, why not bring in a few loaves to share: have ‘tea, a drink with jam and bread’ (and play DoReMi in the background! Wink at Beth Stilborn!); talk about what we like to eat on bread, with bread, and why it is an important staple of the American diet.

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PPBF: The Runaway Dinner

Author: Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator: Bruce Ingman
Publisher: Candlewick Press, 2006
Age Level: 4-8
Themes: Humor, imagination, food
Opening: There once was a boy. Banjo, his name was, yes, Banjo Cannon.

Summary: (from the publisher) What happens if someone’s dinner decides that, well, it doesn’t want to be eaten? For a hungry little boy named Banjo and a savory sausage named Melvin, it’s a plight that can only result in a breathless escape — and what a chase it is! Off speeds the sturdy sausage — leading fork, knife, and plate, chair and table, a handful of fries with various French names, and three fat little peas — out the door, down the street, and around the park, with poor Banjo taking up the rear. Will the famished boy ever catch them? And what (gulp) happens to Melvin if he does?
Why I like this book: Its fast-paced hysteria! The illustrations are as light, loose and fun as the text, and I especially like the addition of line drawings throughout the painted scenes. And with Thanksgiving on the way it’s time to think about food, where it comes from, and where it might…go!
Resources/Activities: Amazon list of runaway food titles to compare and contrast; Lessons and resources: Where Does My Food Come From? From the Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment.

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