PPBF: At Mary Blooms

Author/Illustrator: Aliki
Publisher: Greenwillow, 1976
Themes: cause-and-effect stories, animals

Summary: (from my library catalog) When pet-collector Mary Bloom’s doorbell rings, bedlam is let loose. But her young neighbor has some big pet news of her own.

I like this book because: It’s such sweet and simple fun to read aloud. Sometimes this much repetition can be tedious, but this story is just right! I appreciate the very expressive drawings done with just a few lines and a limited palette. A real pity that this book is out of print – it’s really nice for beginning readers too.

Resources/activities: create your own cause-and-effect stories using imagined pets or people you know from your neighborhood; Read Overnight at Mary Bloom’s/Aliki, AND read more C-a-E picture books: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie/Numeroff, Stuck/Jeffers, No, David!/Shannon; read about the Mary Bloom who inspired the books: HERE

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PPBF: I Wish I Was Sick, Too!

DAD32252-B0C8-4BB4-B872-F08E63D0CB1FAuthor: Franz Brandenburg
The New York Review, 2018 (originally 1976)
Themes: envy, cats, illness
Opening: Edward was sick..

073BA0D0-B9AB-4B4F-BD0C-1C62DB090371Summary: (from my library catalog) Elizabeth envies her brother the pampered treatment he gets when he is sick in bed. Then she gets sick too..

BF4C5171-E37C-424C-96D0-99DBC48B159AI like this book because: maybe it’s just that it reminds me of my own childhood, or maybe because the sweetmness of the story is ageless, but both the simplicity of the story and it’s very caring nature paired with adorable, emotion-packed illustrations feels just right! Perfect read for the nose-blowing season and “to pass the time.”

942A656E-A875-4EA7-AB5B-723C76CD3620Resources/Activities: role play: this was one of my favorite activities with my older sister (maybe because she got to play the patient!); I played the nurse, and mostly what I did was prepare her a meal in bed and just get her whatever she needed (wanted!).

581E6A1F-C3E8-4459-9644-30CA27DD0816For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.


My lemon tree looking at the snow falling!