PPBF: Aa, A was an apple pie


Italian cover – best resolution I could find

Author/Illustrator: Etienne Delessert
Creative Editions, 2005
Age Level: 
the Italian website where I nabbed the cover photo says 0-5; I like their way of thinking.
alphabet book
Opening: Aa
A was an apple pie
Yes, the book walks us from Aa to Zz, and ampersand, but this is a classic nursery rhyme from the 1660’s (!) reintroduced with playful creatures by Delessert.


Why I like this book: The classic text is so much fun, I’m kind of glad I didn’t already know it: ‘Dd dealt it, Ee ate it…Tt took it, Uu upset it’. But for me it’s the the illustrations: bright, cheerful, playful and light as a feather. If you are not familiar with Delessert’s books, I must take pity on you. Click on his name, above, to go to the gallery on his website. This self-taught Swiss artist, now living in the US, speaks the visual language of picture books, and has received numerous awards, but who cares about awards – just check out one of his books. You have more than eighty to choose from!

Resources/Activities: make personalized alphabet books, using the children’s own illustrations or collaged from magazines; I found a fun marching game, which is a lot like a ‘Pie Walk’, and many other alphabet related activities at A to Z Teaching Stuff HERE

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