PPBF: One of a Kind

Author/Illustrator: Neil Packer
Publisher: Candlewick Studio, 2020
Themes: classifying, sorting, concepts

Opening: see image above.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) Meet Arvo. Now look at his family tree. Meet his cat, Malcolm, and check out Malcolm’s family tree, too. Whether people or cats, buildings or books, food or vehicles, there’s a category for everything. And in this mesmerizing narrative introduction to taxonomy, readers follow Arvo through his day to learn about the order of the animal kingdom, to his music lesson to help categorize instruments, and across town to classify cloud formations he sees along the way.

I picked this book because: I love to organize – even if I’m not good at it (I get overwhelmed and capitulate!) and I love fun, random facts, AND I know there are kids out there just like me, maybe some adults too. The illustrations are beautiful and composed for the organizing freak with an aesthetic eye. And the main character loves cheese – just like me! So grab this if you have a child you know who likes to line up their matchbox cars neatly and enjoy the book together.

Resources/activities: choose an amount of objects to sort and classify, like stuffed animals or art supplies. Try some of the cheeses listed on the cheese page (this will happen at my house!).

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