Welcome to Day One! This calendar is a gift to my daughter and her host family, to be shared with friends anywhere!

Fort Collins is not where Olivia was born, but it’s where she has spent most of her life. I’d like to share a few things about this little Fleck in the world – a little bit every day!

Fort Collins is located in northern Colorado (which means ‘red-colored’ in Spanish), a state known mainly for it’s mountains, but a little over one third of it is flat and rolling land, which we call the plains. Colorado is also the only state that lies entirely above 1,000 meters elevation (Wunstorf is at 43m), and ranked the 8th largest of the United States, comparable to the size of New Zealand, but only 22nd in population. As of 2010, 143,986 people live in Fort Collins, compared to 5,116,796 (2011 estimate) in the state. Our time zone is labeled MST, for Mountain Standard Time, eight hours behind, and 7917 km west of Wunstorf.

Die Übersetzungen werde ich Olivia ueberlassen! Bis morgen!