Count Downton

Count Downton: I utilized the 2013 Advent days (and then some) to sketch characters (as they appeared, or in my imagination!) from previous seasons of  Downton Abbey, counting down to the premiere of  Season 3. Here are a select few:

Count Downton_13-2-1

Julian Fellowes, creator



Count Downton_04(1)

Tom Branson


Martha Levinson

More DA, countdown_04-1

Fraeulein Kelda

DA Matthew_10-1PamukDA Matthew_08(1)-1BatesLady's maid_06(1)-1Lady's maid_04-1Lady's maid_03-1Lady's maid_02(1)-1FootmanDA Matthew_04(1)-1DAcharacter - farmerDA Matthew_03-1Lady's maid_01(1)-1LadyEdithmo maiduse_06(2)-1mo maiduse_02(2)-1mo maiduse_01(1)-1CD2-CoraCD1-Molesley

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5 thoughts on “Count Downton

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  2. Hi, Julie — I came to your site to read your review of Tea Party in the Woods. That link didn’t seem to work, but then I stumbled upon these Downton sketches and I have to tell you that I LOVE them. I’m not sure which is my favorite, maybe your stern Dowager Countess!

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