PPBF: I Really Want the Cake!

Author: Simon Philip
 Lucia Gaggiotti
Publisher: Orchard Books, 2020
Themes: cake, girls, self-control

Opening: “There’s a smell I can’t ignore. It’s wafting through the kitchen door. It’s time for me to find out more.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) How on earth do you resist the most amazing cake? One little girl is about to find out just how hard it can be…

I picked this book because: it’s pure fun to watch someone else with the same weakness for cake try as hard as this adorable main character to be good. Spoiler alert: the writing is so delicious it allows the reader feel like they have just tasted the cake themselves. And it’s a rhyming read aloud that will make you want to bake – so be ready! And I love the little tiger feel to her character design too!

Resources/activities: read companion titles like Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton, or Where is the Cake, by T.T. Khing; Bake a cake! Bake enough cake to share with friends or neighbors (I once baked a cake sooo lemony-sweet I apologized to each neighbor I gave a slice to before they could eat it, but they all LOVED it! Ha!)

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

4 thoughts on “PPBF: I Really Want the Cake!

  1. Oh, I laughed at the cover! Love the expressiveness of the MC and pup sidekick. My son and husband are like this with cake. I tend to be more crazed about salty popcorn, LOL….or maybe flourless chocolate cake, now that I think about it…

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