PPBF: Your Birthday Was the Best!

Author: Maggie Hutchings
 Felicita Sala
Publisher: Tundra, 2020
Themes: parties, birthdays, insects

Opening: Your birthday was the best! Everyone said so.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) The story of an eager cockroach who gate-crashes a birthday party — with hilarious results. It’s your birthday, and little do you know that an unwelcome guest has joined in on the festivities. A friendly cockroach has snuck undetected into the house, and has proceeded to join in on all of your fun party games. You were so excited to finally spot him napping on top of your birthday cake, having eaten his fill, that you couldn’t help but scream! You think he’s gone when your dad sucks him up in the vacuum cleaner . . . but with a birthday party this good, he’s going to be nearly impossible to keep away! This laugh-out-loud picture book is the perfect birthday gift for young readers.

I picked this book because: I saw it suggested on twitter as a humorous picture book, and I can’t get enough of humorous picture books. Sure, I can appreciate many of the meaningful books that have dominated the picture book market over the last 5 or 6 years, but I miss a more balanced proportion of pure, unadulterated fun. I need more humor as well as solid stories for my own peace of mind – and I’m sure I am not alone! Ands this one delivers! In story and amplified by the art. Being an adult I missed a few introductory clues so I was taken surprise – pleasantly – by the narration. There is drama in the text as well as the art, and plenty of details to keep the reader coming back again and again. Friends, it hit the spot!

Resources/activities: read more humorous picture books of course! have I written about Sir Ladybug by Corey Tabor yet? I will, but go ahead and look for it anyway – it would be a perfect companion book!

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

8 thoughts on “PPBF: Your Birthday Was the Best!

  1. This is going on my gift list. My grandsons just love funny, silly books at ages 5-8. They even facetimed with me last week to tell who their favorite authors were, asked me if I knew them and then gave me their Christmas book wish list. All funny books. It’s been an interesting few years, and I think they need to giggle!

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  2. Julie, I wholeheartedly agree about more books that have pure fun at their core. Kids need time to just be kids and not be messaged at every turn. Hooray for this funny book. I’ll look for Sir Ladybug, too. I love Corey Tabor’s other books!


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