PPBF: One Boy Watching

Author/Illustrator: Grant Snider
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 2022
3-7 (but anyone would love it!)
Themes: school bus, observations, curiosity

Opening: Seven a.m.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) This lyrical picture book follows one boy’s early morning bus ride to school and the many things he observes.

I picked this book because: I totally fell for the cover! And there’s nothing better than a book that lives up to it’s cover! I love the sheer simplicity of the text, the bright illustrations so full of energy, and the sense of wonder the author-illustrator has for everyday things. A gem!

Resources/activities: Take more deliberate time to get where you are going, and to note what you see along the way. Repeat!

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4 thoughts on “PPBF: One Boy Watching

  1. Oh, this is gorgeous! The cover reminds me of recent SF skies. I’m wondering if the art style evokes the way scenes out the window of a moving vehicle are a little blurring, because we’re passing by them. What do you think? I just checked it out on the SFPL online OVERDRIVE. WOW! What a TERRIFIC BOOK! Love the text. Love how it starts out feeling like a counting book but really turns into a book about observing that includes counting, but not in a specific progressive order. Very very cool! I may have to take advantage of Chronicle Books’ 20% off.


  2. Wow – those end papers! Exactly what a small child would see of a bus in front of him (without craning his neck up) – genius! It is a great cover and I can’t wait to see the other illustrations! Thanks for featuring it and reminding us all to slow down and enjoy the ride as much as the ultimate destination.


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