PPBF: See You Soon

Author: Mariame Kaba
 Bianca Diaz
Publisher: Haymarket, 2022
Themes: mothers, emotions, imprisonment

Opening: Queenie is what they call me, but Reyna is my name. I am six years old. And my life’s about to change.

Summary: (from my library’s catalog) From New York Times Bestselling Author Mariame Kaba, a poignant, beautifully illustrated story of a little girl’s worries when her Mama goes to jail, and the love that bridges the distance between them.

I picked this book because: It’s beautiful and important. The US has 4% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population. You can just imagine the number of children affected, but I’ll tell you: approximately 7% of the US population has had a parent in prison or jail at some point. That’s 5 million children. And they need books like these as well as all the other books to make them laugh, to find comfort, and to learn from. I’d love to see this in every school.

Resources/activities: How to Explain an Arrest or Jail to Children; Tip Sheet for Teachers (Pre-K through 12): Supporting Children Who Have an Incarcerated Parent; video from Sesame Street https://youtu.be/I3sf7O5mrlY

To lighten the mood just a bit, here is my image for Poisson d’Avril Instagram and facebook challenge with the ii: Illustration Institute. It’s a French tradition to tape a paper fish on someone’s back for April Fools day. And a few to print and color!

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

5 thoughts on “PPBF: See You Soon

  1. Unfortunately, this is a very important book. I think we all know someone in prison. It is so hard on children. The deal with so many emotions and many times don’t understand! The young woman I told you I was mentoring, is now out now and doing so well. Will check this one out for her as she has a young son. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. what a tough topic to tackle in a picture book. But, as you point out, a story that needs to be out there for the kids who need to read it. Thanks for sharing.


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