PPBF: Mr. Bear and the Ghost

Author: Chizuko Kuratomi
 Kozo Kakimoto
Publisher: Macdonald, 1984(orig.,1983)
Themes: bears, ghosts, rabbits

Opening: Something was wrong in Rabbit Town.

Summary: (could not find a synopsis ANYWHERE online!) Mr. Bear is asked to stay the night at the Carrot Funfair because it appears to be haunted – and finds there is some truth to their fears!

I picked this book because: I am a fan of the Mr. Bear books and though the story is not particularly “peppy” by today’s standards, the illustrations are as fresh and marvelous as ever! All of their books are a delight and this one might be just the right kind of ghost story for little ones at this time of year! Just look at the atmosphere Kakimoto creates!

Resources/activities: read other Mr. Bear titles you might be able to find at your library: here is a sampling, but I believe there are 16 or 17 in all. Make a colorful windchime with old keys – see image below.

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

9 thoughts on “PPBF: Mr. Bear and the Ghost

  1. This book is 37 years old and came out the year our daughter was born. Haven’t read it, but your copy is in great condition! What a fun story. You’re right, the pictures are very relevant. Fun share. My daughter always liked “The Ghost Tree” by Bill Martin (?).

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