PPBF: How to Help a Pumpkin Grow

Author/Illustrator: Ashley Wolff
 Beach Lane, 2021
: pumpkins, animals, gardening

Age Level: 2-6
see image 2 below

Synopsis: (from my library catalog) Dog is planting a garden, doing all he can to help his pumpkins grow: protecting them from snow, weeding and watering their patch, and keeping them safe from barnyard creatures who might eat the sprouts! But are Crow, Rabbit, Duck, and Goat really out to destroy the garden? Or are they new friends hoping to pitch in and help the pumpkins thrive?

I picked this book because: of the vibrant artwork: the rich palette, the masterful lighting and use of contrast, and beautifully rendered characters and scenery. And because it’s almost Halloween and this would be an absolutely delightful read-aloud if only I were still doing storytime! Blast Covid!

Resource/Activity: it may be too late to plant seeds this season, but not too early to plan for the next! Map out together where the best spot might be, be sure to have it cleared for planting, but cover with leaves to provide nutrients and moisture (I live in semi-arid dessert territory!). Learn about the different kinds of seeds and order ahead! Also, read Halloween companion books: HERE is a great list in PW.

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11 thoughts on “PPBF: How to Help a Pumpkin Grow

  1. I’ve always wanted to grow pumpkins, but have yet to have the space! Close to where I grew up in the Midwest, they have a pumpkin festival every year, with people entering their ginormous ones in a contest (winners are in the hundreds of pounds range).

    This looks like loads of fun. Maybe you could do storytime outside?

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  2. What a fun book. I can see why you like the illustrations. Love the one with the rabbit peeking through the fence. Hope you get to read books to kids again soon. In the meantime, thanks a lot for all your amazing featured books.


  3. This looks delightful & perfect for Halloween. I once had a pumpkin grow as a volunteer – the vines winding their way across a rather formal front lawn and almost blocking the way to the entrance. I loved it, but we were living at a prep school at the time. The landscaping crew dreaded mowing around it!


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