PPBF: Regina is NOT a Little Dinosaur

Author/Illustrator: Andrea Zuill
 Schwartz & Wade, 2021
: dinosaurs, hunting, mother-child

Age Level: 3-7
see image 2 below

Synopsis: from my library’s catalog: Regina, a young dinosaur who is convinced she is ready to hunt for her own food, sneaks away from Mama, but soon finds she has much to learn about hunting.

Why I am recommending this book again: because Regina is so darn cute! Zuill does such a fine job with facial and body expression and as a parent, I’ve seen all of it! (I have at least one very expressive child!) What is also exciting as I’m working on a story with dinosaurs myself 😉 It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, and the characters are identifiable! PPB!

Resource/Activity: look into identifying the different kinds of dinos depicted in the story; did those dinosaurs all live in the same period? What do we know about each one’s habits? Which one’s bones may have been found nearest to your location? Museum trip possible? Have fun!

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