PPBF: The King’s Golden Beard

Author/Illustrator: Klaas Verplancke
Publisher: minedition, 2021
Themes: beards, rulers, vanity

Opening: see spread above.

Summary: (from my library catalog) The lush, golden royal beard is a wondrous thing–especially to the king himself. He spends his days admiring and grooming it, and passes laws making it a crime punishable by death for anyone else’s face to sport even a single hair. As the people of the kingdom nervously shave daily, the royal beard grows and grows until it appears at the palace’s back gate. What happens next will have readers laughing along–and cheering for the astronomers who, unlike the tyrannical king, know that the earth is round.

I like this book because: the very strong, graphic compositions, and I love a good cautionary tale! And perhaps because of all the hair I’ve had to deal with as a mother of two who’ve always preferred long hair! I also admire the masterful use of a limited palette and simple but effective use of texture in the art. The story itself is a well-told and humorous tale of too much pride – great for discussions too!

Resources/activities: Klaas shared a really fun drawing lesson over at kidlit tv: https://youtu.be/oZkcA5Ei6ck

A little excitement to share – knowing that an appearance in PW may never happen again!

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