PPBF: The Big Bad Wolf In My House

Author: Valérie Fontaine, transl. Shelley Tanaka
 Nathalie Dion
Publisher: Groundwood Books, 2021, org 2020 in French
Themes: family violence, domestic violence, wolves
Opening: see image below

Summary: (from the publisher) The young girl tells us that her mom’s new friend is just like the big bad wolf. At first the wolf is sweet and kind to her mom, though the girl notices the wolf’s cold eyes from the very beginning. When her mom arrives home late one day, the wolf suddenly hurls angry words and terrible names at her. From that day on her mother doesn’t smile anymore. The girl is careful to clean her room and brush her teeth and do everything to keep the peace, but the wolf is unpredictable, throwing plates on the floor, yelling at her mother and holding the girl’s arm so tightly she is left with bruises. Whenever the yelling begins, she hides under the covers in her room. How will she and her mom cope as the wolf becomes increasingly fierce? Valérie Fontaine and Nathalie Dion have created a powerful, moving story about violence in the home that ends on a note of hope.

I like this book because: it’s so important, and it’s been written and illustrated simply, clearly and with such thoughtfulness – for readers who can identify as well as readers who may not. Especially knowing the level of hidden domestic violence has risen due to the pandemic, I feel it’s more important than ever to address the topic. I also know from people I’ve met serving my neighbors experiencing homelessness that 50% of homeless women are domestic violence victims. I will definitely be donating a copy to a local school.

Resources/activities: easy – read the book!

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7 thoughts on “PPBF: The Big Bad Wolf In My House

  1. Wow, Julie this is a powerful book. I am glad that the publisher was willing to publish this and I agree that there are far too many that it will resonate with. I can’t wait to get a good look at it. Thanks.
    [FYI- there are 8 copies, all in use & 6 holds at my library & the audio is checked out too!] I’d say it is getting found.


  2. Oh my…what a powerful book. I’m so glad that Groundwood had the courage to publish it in English. This will be a valuable book for all child and adults, but especially for those who are impacted by domestic violence. Thank you so much, Julie, for bringing it to our attention.


  3. Thanks for sharing this one. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it seems like a very much needed book. I love the clean simplicity of the illustrations–it makes them so powerful. Just from the snippets you’ve posted here, I can imagine reading this at school and discussing it with my young students.

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