PPBF: No Roses for Harry!

Author: Gene Zion
 Margaret Bloy Graham
Publisher: Harper & Row, 1958
Themes: dogs, gifts, sweaters
Opening: See images below

Summary: (from Amazon) Harry is the not-too-happy recipient of a handmade sweater, and what makes matters worse is that it’s a sweater with a pattern of roses. Harry does everything he can think of to get rid of that sweater. But when it seems like he’ll never lose the sweater, an unexpected visitor helps him solve his problem…

I like this book because: everyone loves Harry the Dog, but this particular edition from the series is printed on a luminescent yellow paper! (If anyone out there has a first edition or at least a much older copy, please let me know if it also used this paper.) It transforms the reading experience in an unexpected way which fascinates me! The limited color palette in the illustrations is common because of the old printing process at the time it was published, but this yellow paper amplifies the beauty of that simplicity, I cant stop looking, and these photos do not do it justice! That’s it! Please, if you’ve seen this, share your thoughts with me!

Resources/activities: draw with colored pencils or crayons on different colored papers and and compare how it affects the colors you’ve drawn with, or use collage to compare colors; read An Eye for Color, by Natasha Wing and Julia Breckenreid, and Squares & other shapes with Josef Albers (video link).

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE. 

19 thoughts on “PPBF: No Roses for Harry!

  1. I would have been 7 yrs old, but I don’t remember seeing this series. I noticed the longer text too. I guess I missed something! Love your description of the illustrations on the luminescent yellow paper. It’s always fun to listen to your comments about artwork.

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  2. This is like time-travel. I remember Harry and his sweater because I once received a sweater I didn’t like as a gift. Harry’s story is much more interesting than mine…

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  3. Once upon a time I had a copy of this book, but I think it was donated when we downsized. Too bad. I still have Harry the Dirty Dog and my favourite indie bookstore owner still sells that one. Btw, when I was there the other day I picked up I’m a Hare, So There!, which is delightful. My husband wouldn’t put it down until he found the dessert, lol.

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    • I laughed out loud thinking of him looking for the dessert! I actually had to change it from it’s original spot as the editor couldn’t find it easily! Ha! But that’s the point, right?! So very glad you enjoyed the book, and thank you for sharing that with me!


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