PPBF: At Mary Blooms

Author/Illustrator: Aliki
Publisher: Greenwillow, 1976
Themes: cause-and-effect stories, animals

Summary: (from my library catalog) When pet-collector Mary Bloom’s doorbell rings, bedlam is let loose. But her young neighbor has some big pet news of her own.

I like this book because: It’s such sweet and simple fun to read aloud. Sometimes this much repetition can be tedious, but this story is just right! I appreciate the very expressive drawings done with just a few lines and a limited palette. A real pity that this book is out of print – it’s really nice for beginning readers too.

Resources/activities: create your own cause-and-effect stories using imagined pets or people you know from your neighborhood; Read Overnight at Mary Bloom’s/Aliki, AND read more C-a-E picture books: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie/Numeroff, Stuck/Jeffers, No, David!/Shannon; read about the Mary Bloom who inspired the books: HERE

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE

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