PPBF: Over the Moon

Author: James Proimos
 Zoey Abbott
Publisher: Chronicle , 2020
Themes: families, identity, wolves
Opening: (see opening pages below).

Summary: (from my library catalog) Two wolves find a baby girl floating down the river and take her home to raise her and teach her about good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong (although wolf two thinks of dinner); but when she grows up she is drawn to the human world–although the wolves are waiting to take her home each night.

I like this book because: sometimes I pick up a book I am not sure about, but something intrigues me. And sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised because I find the book has far surpassed my original expectations! This is one and what a delightful discovery! The story feels simple but I am drawn in right away and find empathy with all the characters to the point of wanting to be with them in their story! The humor is subtle, the seemingly soft palette picks up on energy as the pages turn. Enchanting! Do read it!

Resources/activities: learn fascinating facts about wolves – HERE; research stories of children who survived on their own in the wild under “feral children”; learn to draw a wolf – HERE

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