PPBF: Lauren McGill’s Pickle Museum

Author: Jerdine Nolen
 Debbie Tilley
Silver Whistle/Harcourt, 2003
Themes: pickles, school field trips, identity
OpeningLauren McGill was like any other girl her age who had a favorite something.

Summary: (from my library catalog) A class field trip to the local pickle factory puts Lauren McGill’s love of pickles to the test, until she realizes her true calling is to create a museum dedicated to pickles.

I like this book because: …nope! I don’t love pickles. Beyond her own mother’s feelings, I despise them! But this main character shows such unabashed passion one cannot but admire her capacity. And when “an untimely pickle experiment” goes wrong and the consequences ultimately challenge her identity, her creativity and generosity ferments – pun intended!!

Resources/activities: make pickles – recipe for easy refrigerator-pickles HERE; check out how they are made in a small factory, below.

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15 thoughts on “PPBF: Lauren McGill’s Pickle Museum

  1. My entire family is mad about pickles! But I only like the sweet kind and the rest of my family don’t like the sweet kind. LOL! I will have to get a hold of this book because we’ll all get a good laugh from it, I imagine.

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