Mr.Bear Goes to Sea

Author: Chizuko Kuratomi
 Kozo Kakimoto
MacDonald, 1968
Themes: Bears, rabbits, fear, Fish-out-of-water story
OpeningSee image below.

Summary: (from Amazon) Deciding it is time for a change, Mr. Bear leaves his mountain home to be a sailor.

I like this book because: I’ll admit it – my weakness is for great illustration and Kakimoto is a master of composition! I admire the loose strokes and bold shapes, how he leaves large spaces with little detail and fill small spaces with lots – and all the energy this generates on the page. Fresh today as ever! I also like the juxtaposition of a big brown bear and a fluffle of little rabbits!

Resources/activities: I hope someone still has an atlas around the house to share the joy of maps with children, to trace rivers and mountain ranges. Also talk about places that have felt so different from home and where else you might like to go!

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8 thoughts on “Mr.Bear Goes to Sea

  1. Great choice, I particularly love the idea of sharing an atlas with children. What about an older globe, from the early 20th century or earlier. It is interesting to see how the world has changed. Thanks for featuring this book.

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