PPBF: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Author/Illustrator: Charles Mackesy
Harper One/Harper Collins, 2019
Themes: animals, conduct of life, fables
Opening“I’m so small,” said the mole. “Yes,” said the boy. “But you make a huge difference.”

Summary: (from my library catalog – which they took from the publisher!) Charlie Mackesy offers inspiration and hope in uncertain times in this beautiful book based on his famous quartet of characters. The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse explores their unlikely friendship and the poignant, universal lessons they learn together. Radiant with Mackesy’s warmth and gentle wit, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse blends hand-written narrative with dozens of drawings, including some of his best-loved illustrations (including “Help,” which has been shared over one million times) and new, never-before-seen material. A modern classic in the vein of The Tao of Pooh, The Alchemist, and The Giving Tree, this charmingly designed keepsake will be treasured for generations to come.

I like this book because: every little thing, every page is a treat! Each little ‘chapter’ will keep every reader thinking for days and days. I recommend it to anyone and everyone – a perfect gift for anyone you love, and especially for those that need to be loved (hint: all of us!) And I haven’t even mentioned the art! Ha! Superb! Go read it! Treasure it, and pass it on!

Resources/activities: create a play with stuffed animals or even home-made puppets or masks; take a walk in nature and sit down once in a while and read a ‘chapter’, think about that chapter until you find another resting spot and repeat with the other ‘chapters’; talk about each ‘chapter’ and what it means to listeners.; read more about the author/illustrator HERE

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