PPBF: Grandfather and the Moon

Author: Stéphanie Lapointe
Groundwood Books, 2017 (Orig. Les Editions, 2015)
Themes: grief, grandfathers, space
Opening: Grandfather was a man of few words .

Summary:(from my library catalog) Tells the story of a loving granddaughter who worries about her grandfather’s depression after the loss of her grandmother and enters a contest to travel to the moon, with unexpected results.

I like this book because: the illustrations are a perfect reflection of the mood of the concept and ideas within the text. The dreamlike, imaginative pondering of the child become visual and real – the space in which the main character enters into is inside and out. There is something mystical and magical, sad and hopeful. I hope you look for this because it is hard to pin point in words. Truly a picture book of discovery for ALL ages. I read it while waiting for a friend but my thoughts on it lingered for some time, and I am sure will continue.

Resources/activities: there are many great books on grief and we should not wait until there is a death to start talking about it with children.

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