PPBF: Backyard Fairies

5DECD977-B09B-4521-ACB1-275FB8862EBFAuthor/Illustrator: Phoebe Wahl
Publisher: Knopf, 2018
Age: 3-7
Themes: stories in rhyme, fairies, gardens
Opening: Have you ever found, while out on your own…a tiny, magical somebody’s home?

35815E14-A32E-47A2-8F04-24EF7A4FFAB1Summary: (from my library’s catalog) A girl searches for fairies in her backyard and the woods beyond, following little clues and traces of magic. Fairies and other magical creatures can be found on every page, hidden among the flowers, trees and pebbles. But although readers can see them, the girl keeps searching, just one step behind… In the end, it is clear (both to the girl and readers) that there is magic all around, even when it’s hidden in plain sight.

7058DB3F-6DB5-481D-B5FE-D52E897A7274I like this book because: after a blizzard on Wednesday (they called it a bomb cyclone – it was bad, I don’t mean to joke!), I realized that I am more than ready for lush grean foliage and the magic of finding ANYTHING in my backyard! Already a big fan of Wahl’s art, I did not need convincing, but this is a very sweet story of discovery – and a perfect read, any time!

9417C055-B345-4153-8BFD-B58F66004C04Resources/Activities: build a fairy garden, a house, a spot in your own yard, and if you don’t have a yard of your own, build one in a public space. And if weather does not yet allow you to get started, design one!

D194DFD2-9AB9-4F9E-A3A6-5D2CF8D01681For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE


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