PPBF: The Island and the Bear

IMG-3567.jpgAuthor: Louise Greig
Illustrator: Vanya Nastanlieva
Publisher: Picture Kelpies, 2017
Age: 5-8
Themes: bears, Scottish Hebrides, true stories
Opening: (image below)

IMG-3568.jpgSummary: (from the publisher) One morning on a wild and quiet Hebridean island, a bear appeared where there should not have been a bear. The gentle giant would not harm a living thing. But even friendly bears don’t belong on Scottish islands. Will he ever find his way home?

IMG-3569.jpgI like this book because: the illustrations are warm, inviting, energetic, evoking the feel and climate of life in the Hebrides (favorite read for adults linked in ‘Resources’); the writing is equally evocative, with a rhyming style so gentle it has you believing this is how the islanders themselves speak!

IMG-3570.jpgResources/Activities: read more Scottish stories: about Kelpies, Selkies, the Loch Ness Monster, or Robert the Bruce; Research where Scotland is on a map. How is their climate different from yours? What is a school-day like in Scotland? Fro adults: read some of my favorite books about life in the Hebrides from Lillian Beckwith: The Hills is Lonely, The Loud Halo, Lightly Poached, and Beautiful Just.

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

712E3976-A1A3-418B-9820-42F2C7DA9D69I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to bring attention to the struggles of teachers serving our communities today. In my state (CO) a walk-out is being planned one week from today – April 27, 2018. If you cannot join them in their protest, send a teacher you know a letter of gratitude, of support, or encouragement as they continue to support and encourage our children. Thank you!

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