PPBF: Nothing Rhymes With Orange

NRWOcoverAuthor/Illustrator: Adam Rex
Publisher: Chronicle, 2017
Age: 4-8
Themes: fruit, rhyme, rhyming stories
Opening: Who wouldn’t travel anywhere to get an apple or a pear?

NRWOendpapersSummary: (from my library catalog) All the fruits gather together and enjoy a rhyming party, but poor Orange feels left out because he does not rhyme with anything–until Apple invents a new word..

NRWO1.pngWhy I like this book: I want to believe Rex wrote this for picture book writers! So funny, so true, and writing in rhyme is SO hard! It’f fun and funny in all aspects and I really like the fresh compositions with mixed media. Great read aloud for a slightly older group of PB readers, maybe best for early elementary classes.

NRWO2Resources/Activities: Play rhyme games: stash a few objects in a bag and have participants reach in for one at a time and come up with a word rhyming with the object.

NRWO3.jpgFor more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.



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