PPBF: 1 Big Salad

bigsaladcoverAuthor/Illustrator: Juana Medina
Publisher: Viking, 2016
Age: 2-6
Themes: vegetables, salad, creativity
Opening: One Avocado Deer.
Summary: (from the publisher) Count from 1 avocado deer to 2 radish mice and all the way up to 10 clementine kitties, which all add up to one big, delicious salad!

bigsalad2Why I like this book: It’s as clean and fresh as a real one! The layout and design are crisp and inviting. The concept delicious! My kids may love a good salad now, but we started off counting how many ‘leaves’ one had to eat. The creativity in this book may have some reluctant eaters asking to make their own!

bigsalad3Resources/Activities: make your OWN salad! Dressing recipe included in the book.

bigsaladbackFor more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.

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