PPBF: The Battle Of the Vegetables

battleofthevegetablescoverAuthor: Matthieu Sylvander
Illustrator: Perceval Barrier
Publisher: Clarion, 2016 (orig.: 3 contes cruels, l’écoles des loisirs, 2013)
Age: 5-8
Themes: gardens, vegetables, humorous stories
Opening: In the vegetable garden, the leeks generally lead a calm, monotonous – maybe even boring – life.
Summary: (from my library catalog) Three interconnected tales reveal the dangers, both from within and without, of life in a vegetable garden as leeks meet one of Santa’s reindeer, carrots plot an escape, and an unlikely romance leads to an inevitable conclusion.

BattleoftheVegetables2.jpgWhy I like this book: The humor in the text and illustrations is well cultivated for the early elementary set – and the kid in every gardener. Dig in!

BattleoftheVegetables3.jpgResources/Activities: come up with alternate titles for the stories; write sequels; what other characters would you like to see grow? Plant seeds – the season is nigh!


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12 thoughts on “PPBF: The Battle Of the Vegetables

  1. I’m all about the veggies, but I draw the line at calling that animal one of Santa’s reindeer. A cariboomoo? No. That is a steer, pure and simple. I’m chalking this up to a translation error!

    My library has a copy – yippee!


    • Now that I have read the book (ha ha!) I am amending my comment about the “steer.” Still, it is “udderly” ridiculous to utilize male pronouns! 😉 Love the romance and quirkiness.


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