PPBF: The Forest Feast for Kids

ForestFeastcoverAuthor/Artist/Photographer: Erin Gleeson
Publisher: Abrahms, 2016
Age: 8-12
Themes: cooking for children, vegetarian food, art
Summary: (from the publisher) The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids, serves up kid-friendly vegetarian recipes that are quick, easy, and fun to make. This cookbook showcases the rustic simplicity of the fare through vibrant colorful photography of Gleeson’s beautiful home in the woods and of children cooking the dishes themselves..

ForestFeast1.pngWhy I like this book: Something quite different this week in anticipation of the latest midnight release party for a Harry Potter book tomorrow night. If only there were such pretty cookbooks when I had first started out! I did burn my mother’s tablecloth with a pan of snickerdoodles, but these dishes may have prevented that negative turning point in my cooking career!

ForestFeast2Resources/Activities: make some delicious dishes; draw your favorite foods – use watercolor; try something you have not eaten before.

ForestFeast3For more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.


Attaching some of my creative efforts for tonight’s party below – all to be give-aways!




8 thoughts on “PPBF: The Forest Feast for Kids

  1. What a wonderful selection. I love the idea of introducing children to vegetarian dishes and encouraging them to help. I recently saw squash and zucchini noodles that could be substituted for spaghetti. Great book to keep kids active during the hot summer days.


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