PPBF: Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

ToughGuyscoverAuthor/Illustrator: Keith Negley
Publisher: Nobrow, 2015; first publ. in England by Flying Eye, 2015
Ages: 4-7
Themes: feelings, emotions, men and emotions
Opening: It’s not always easy being a tough guy…You might not think it, but tough guys have feelings too.

ToughGuysendpapersSummary: (from my library catalog) Explains through simple text and colorful illustrations that tough guys have the same feelings as you and I.

ToughGuys1.pngWhy I like this book: It’s such a bright and attractive, bold yet simply illustrated book which compliments and leaves much room for reflecting on the simple statements on each page.

ToughGuys2.pngResources/activities: there is so much to talk about – each spread will easily invite discussion; expand upon feelings that not-so-tough guys, or strong women might have too, and how similar we all are.

ToughGuys3For existing PPBF selections including resources and activities, go to Susanna Hill’s blog: HERE, and for today’s list: HERE


23 thoughts on “PPBF: Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

  1. The biker page is fun and poignant. I love the simple line of text that goes with it, “And it’s okay to show them…” I will definitely check this out. I suspect it will resonate with my son.


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