PPBF: A Daisy is a Daisy is a Daisy (except when it’s a girl’s name)

DaisycoverAuthor/Illustrator: Linda Wolfsgruber
Publisher: Groundwood Books, 2011, originally published by Verlag Jungbrunnen, Wien, 2009
Ages: 4 and up
Themes: names, feminine names, flowers
Opening: Flora, Florica, Kukka, Lore, Hana and Zvetana mean flower. Flowers are born in the spring.
Summary: (from my library catalog) Presents an illustrated look at names for flowers in several languages that are used as personal names for girls.

DaisyendpapersI like this book because: of it’s simplistic, dainty yet powerful beauty, and I’ve always ghad a fascination for name origins. I once found one for mine that I really liked: thick-haired.

Daisy1Resources/activities: make paper flowers; ‘draw’ with thread – with or without a sewing machine; look up the origin of your own name; create a new name for yourself or a pet.

Daisy2For existing PPBF selections including resources and activities, go to Susanna Hill’s blog: HERE


18 thoughts on “PPBF: A Daisy is a Daisy is a Daisy (except when it’s a girl’s name)

  1. Hmm – interesting!
    My grandmother’s sisters were theme-named (Garnet, Ruby, Pearl) in the late 1800’s. I can’t remember them all (13 kids) but she was the youngest and they named her “Gladys.” Always wondered if she had wanted a gem name.

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  2. So neat…both making art with thread and the exploration of name meanings. I have 2 baby name books and one on just name meanings in general. I use them much more for my adult stories than kid stories because I love weaving deeper meaning into those.

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  3. That is a gorgeous cover. A work of art for someone’s wall (someone named Daisy perhaps!) And another book from overseas (how did I predict this?).


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