Wolf Won’t Let Go

Idea note_20150617_122207_04(1)The Nerve! No story for him and no time to goof off. And yet…WolfScratchIdea note_20150617_122207_16(1)-1

Idea note_20150617_122207_04(4)-1Maybe there is a story here…Idea note_20150617_122207_01(1)
Idea note_20150617_122207_20Idea note_20150617_122207_14(1)-1Idea note_20150617_122207_08-1Enjoy your week!11058213_10203625355029023_5028652647511796484_n






15 thoughts on “Wolf Won’t Let Go

  1. Julie, I REALLY like this guy! He looks like a prankster, but one who likes to play and maybe has a heart? The little girl watching him made me think of a reverse take on Little Red Riding Hood. I think that would be pretty cool!

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