PPBF: Eine Kleine Dickmadam


A Little Fat Madam: Funny Rhymes for Children (my direct translation!)
Illustrator: Franz Zauleck
Publisher: LieV, 2010; originally published 1979
Ages: 3-6yrs
Themes: funny rhymes in German


Opening: “Eine kleine Dickmadam reiste mit der Eisenbahn; Eisenbahne krachte, Dickmadame lachte, lachte bis der Schaffner kam und sie mit zur Wache nahm.”

EineKleineDM3Summary: board book with funny rhymes for children.

EineKleineDM4I bought this book because: my daughter planned a visit to the Leipzig Biook Fair while I stayed with her in Germany. I planned to purchase a select few that I could fit in my wee suitcase. This one has pretty edgy illustrations for a 36 year old book! Sure, I enjoy rhymes, and hope to read this to a child someday, but I bought this last Friday for ME!

EineKleineDM5Resources/activities: though it may seem odd to read a few German rhymes to English speaking preschoolers, I think it would be fun for them to listen for the sounds/words that rhyme and try and guess what the rhyme is about from the pictures. Not a bad way to spark interest in learning a foreign language!

Also tempted to purchase, from Zauleck

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From the same stand at the Leipziger Buchmesse:



22 thoughts on “PPBF: Eine Kleine Dickmadam

  1. I think kids should be exposed to as many different languages as possible! Not only does it let them learn more about other cultures, but it’s good for their brains to try and wrap around linguistic sounds they don’t usually hear in English (like uvular fricatives! LOL!).

    Those *are* pretty edgy drawings!

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