Booklove Bloghop and a PPBF Giveaway?


Yup! The GIVEAWAY: this signed book – one of three that I stood on line for outside in February for SEVEN hours. Totally worth it!!! My local indie-bookseller, Old Firehouse Books tempted its customers with a challenge: the most copies of The Ocean at the End of the Lane sold by one of five chosen indies will be the lucky host of a Neil Gaiman visit! AND WE DID IT! A shout out to all the wonderful people I chilled with – literally! And the amazing staff and volunteers that made the event FUN! Leave the number of minutes it would take for you to WALK to the nearest seller of milk in your neighborhood in a comment below by Feb 15th-12amEST to win!


Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Skottie Young
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2013
Ages: 8-12yrs
Themes: adventure stories, fathers, space and time
Opening: There was only orange juice in the fridge. Nothing else that you could put on cereal, unless you think that ketchup or mayonnaise or pickle juice would be nice on your Toastios, which I do not, and neither did my little sister, although she has eaten some pretty weird things in her day, like mushrooms in chocolate.
Summary: (from my library catalog) While picking up milk for his children’s cereal, a father is abducted by aliens and finds himself on a wild adventure through time and space.


I like this book because: it’s funny! I know, by definition, it is not a picture book, but there are pictures on every spread but one, AND I had to share it!

Resources/activities: go out for milk (or pickle juice if that’s what you’re into!) and think up your own adventure as you walk! I can walk to my neighborhood grocery store in 17 minutes – how long would it take you to get to your nearest seller of milk? Leave your answer in a comment below for a chance to win the signed copy of Fortunately, the Milk.

H, J and K

H, J and K: Seven hours

For more PPBF selections including resources and activities, go to Susanna Hill’s blog: HERE


Booklove picks: I didn’t have to choose books that friends wrote, but I am lucky that I can!!! Click each for a quick review on goodreads







20150212_151312 (1)



Carrie Finison came up with the LOVE-ly idea to spread the booklove! Wanna show some booklove too? Check out the instructions on Penny Parker Klosterman’s post HERE. Be sure to include the adorable badge designed by Dana Carey. Dana is a writer and illustrator who is Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI France, and also one of the co-leaders of Sub It Club.



30 thoughts on “Booklove Bloghop and a PPBF Giveaway?

  1. Seven hours in line? Wow! Great photo of you with Neil!

    It would take me about 20 minutes to get to 7-Eleven for milk, 30 to get to a proper supermarket. Thanks for the giveaway. Love those PBs too (especially anxious to see The Tweedles Go Electric).

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  2. You got to meet Neil!!! I am sooo jealous! The Graveyard book blew me away. It would take me 10 minutes to get milk if I run down the stairs and go to the bodega around the corner. If I wait for the elevator, it may take 15-20, assuming my elevator is having a good day.

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  3. Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe you got to meet Neil Gaimam!!

    Those are wonderful book pics. I have read some but not all of them. Need to check the rest out. 🙂

    As for walking to my nearest grocer for milk, let’s say I walk 1 mile in 20 minutes it would take me about 180 minutes to walk to our nearest grocery which is about 9 miles away…3 hours!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Friday!

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  4. Wow – that’s dedication!
    I’m about 3 miles away from the tiny market in the center of town – so a one hour walk? But I’m drinking the milk once I get there. A gallon is too heavy to carry back home!

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  5. Hurray for Book Love Blog Hop! And hurray for all of the books you showcased, Julie…especially Fortunately, the Milk…as I read your post, it tweaked a long-lost memory of my childhood and I got a great idea for a pb I need to write. 🙂
    We live about 1.3 miles from our little Currier and Ives New England ‘downtown’…a couple of churches, the stone library, stately white colonial homes and…Mouton’s Market…where you can get the best fresh baked muffins, hand made pizza, local eggs, pantry staples and…milk. On a lovely summer day, it takes me about 20 minutes to walk there.
    Great post, Julie!

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  6. I only have to walk 5 minutes to Beavers Market where I can buy almost everything including a gallon of local milk. On my way there I’ve seen lots of animals including foxes, rabbits, owls bathing in sprinklers and even someone riding a horse down the trolley line. Of course, I’ve had to wait for the trolley to pass and watch out for cyclists when crossing Mountain Ave. We know all the cashiers by name and invariably run into a friend at Beavers. Thanks for the giveaway, I can’t believe you waited that long,

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  7. I see I’m not the only rural person here – my village grocery store is 3 miles away and I’ve walked it before. It takes an hour to get there, an hour to get back, so on the way I…. take some photos of the deer at the deer farm, stop by the PO, go to the library (but only for a book or two) and then get 1/2 gallon of milk because (as pointed out) 1 gallon is too much to carry. And maybe I buy some chocolate chips for cookies because, hey, compared to milk they are nearly weightless. Oh, and everything goes into a sturdy Adirondack pack basket because carrying stuff on my back is so much easier!

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  8. Wow, you have the ultimate patience to wait in line!!! Great review- the illustrations look amazing. It would take me 14 minutes to walk to the local grocery called Lucky’s- I love it because it’s independently owned. Would take less time but it’s uphill on the way to the store. 🙂

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  9. Fortunately for Milk sounds like a very entertaining read that kids will identify with. Love the photo of you with Neil Gaiman. I prefer cereal dry. But, if I had to walk to pick up milk, with would be at least a 60-70 min walk and hills all the way there. I could almost drive from Dayton to Columbus in that time. 🙂

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  10. Hmm, the General Store is a good 4 miles – so, maybe 50 minutes? I’d walk that far and more for a Neil Gaiman visit. Absolutely. But I’d have to buy skim AND whole cause my family can’t agree. It’d be a long, tired walk home!

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  11. Great photo of you and Neil (now you’re on a first name basis with him!). Living in suburbia nothing is walkable. But if I wanted to take my life in my hands and edge down the side of the road without sidewalks it would be about 90 minutes. Can I get a ride back?

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  12. Wow! I would wait that long with you to meet Neil. Lucky you! Love the pics and review. As for walking to get the milk. Hmm… well it’s something I SHOULD do but i’m too damn lazy… it probably would take me about 25mins one way. Easier in the car…. 😉 and I don’t even get any snow.

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  13. Love the pic! Lucky you to have met one of the Doctor Who writers. 😉

    14 minutes, according to Google maps, but I’d ride my bike. One of our son’s ate his Frosted Flakes with orange juice one morning when there was no milk. He said it was good. No one else in the house was brave enough to judge for ourselves.

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  14. I feel guilty entering the giveaway, cuz I’m not planning on going outside anytime soon. It’s supposed to dip below zero tonight. Seriously, I read the library’s copy over the summer and would recommend it too. I love the stegosaurus-scientist character! It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the local mini, but about 20 to walk back. It’s uphill, and I’m really out of shape!

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  15. Well, I don’t know much about time. minutes. days. I don’t know. It’s all the same to me. And I’m sure that there would be some dead stuff that I would have to stop and sniff and roll around in and then i would have to cross that highway and would probably get run over by a truck. That might mean a trip to the hospital. And the Mom Person would be out hollering for me and worrying. I don’t know that milk is worth all that. But now the book —– that’s a whole different story! To get to the book store ——

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  16. Sounds – and looks – like a great book! Of course, with Neil Gaiman, one can’t go wrong. We’re near the center of town, so one can walk east to the grocery store or west to a local farm…but I’m estimating it’s about 55 minutes, either way, having walked both routes in the past!

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  17. Hi Julie – thanks so much for jumping in on the Book Love hop and reviewing so many on Goodreads! And how cool that you got to meet Neil Gaiman. I haven’t seen that book yet but I love the premise.

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