SkADaMo 2014 Selection

Presenting good chunk of sketches from the third November participating in SkADaMo. It’s been a wonderful accompaniment to another challenge, PiBoIdMo! Thanks, Linda Silvestri,Tara Lazar, and all fellow participants!

orange_02(3)-1 (1)

SKA D a M O_05(1)-1-1 CatYearInBurgundy 1459693_667197696711586_6697140045809837151_n 10658841_668771953220827_2790296242299285531_o10397065_669586706472685_3956972168586733391_o CloudyWithAChanceSkADaMo5SKA D a M O_08-1 Idea note_20141107_142152_08(2)-1WhoFishYouFish blrthday Elephants_07(2)-1 (1)Idea note_20141107_142152_03(6) blrthday Elephants_06(1)-110520550_10202415599065880_5376612518396601993_n 1522640_10202426522978971_8137318867235808660_o (1) SleepingOwlReading Dude Moles_06-1Moles_09(1)-1 SKA D a M O_08(3)-1

SKA D a M O_09(1)-2 CatYoga


Rat 10626367_679194318845257_901568997200466914_o10172780_679194315511924_3720043914491949313_n10172780_679194312178591_5625944666823491956_n MolePostFIVE


Idea note_20141107_142152_10-1

41 thoughts on “SkADaMo 2014 Selection

  1. Oh. My. Gawwwwd!!! Just when I think I can’t possibly love your art more, I do!!!! I think you got Mole perfected and for reasons I can’t even explain, I am in love with your tubby old man with the oven mitt (not in the same way I am in love with Chris Hemsworth and his Thor persona, mind you 😀 ).

    I don’t like working around people, but if I ever had to share a studio with someone, I would want it to be you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie, you are so talented! Is any of your work for sale? My husband and I are in love with the Fox and also with the girl with the tree growing out of her head – I think it’s on your website.


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