Mole: character development

MolePostONEJust for practice, I am developing my own characters while reading Wind In the Willows (I honestly didn’t care for the overtly poetic descriptions enough to finish reading it in the past).


While I may have missed the boat attempting to give a water rat a long pointy nose, when in fact the European water vole, commonly known as a water rat,  has a rounded one, I wanted to give Mole a better chance.

MolePostTHREEHere are some of the sketches I made while ‘looking’ for the real Mole with my stylus.

MolePostFOURRStill not sure I’ve got him, but I’m having fun trying! Enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone!


19 thoughts on “Mole: character development

  1. This is a priceless look into the brilliant mind of Julie! 🙂 Love these…reminds me of reading The Wind In The Willows, which brings me waaaaay back to grade school. Can’t wait to see what you decide on and the story that goes with it.

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  2. These are fantastic and having read Wind in the Willows a few times I can see so much character in these. I wish I had a stylus and the iPad to go with it lol.


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