SteigFEST 9: Tiffky Doofky


Publisher: MacGraw-Hill, 1978, 1st ed.
Ages: 5-8
Themes: humorous stories, dogs, true love
Opening: Tiffky Doofky, the garbage collector, went his rounds in a jolly mood. It was first-rate weather. He planned to wind up work in time to get to the Annual Picnic of the Oil and Vinegar Club over in Moose Hollow.
Summary: (from my library catalog) Tiffky Doofky, a kindly garbage collector, spends his day waiting for a fortune teller’s prophesy to come true.


I like this book because: it’s silly, slightly ridiculous, and even though it breaks some rules of storytelling, it still works for me. The pictures add so much humor and warmth – just look at Tiffky’s outfit! Oh, and I do have a weakness for fortune-telling!


Resources/activities: make an origami fortune-telling device – like these beauties HERE; read companion books: Fortune Cookie, by Albert Bitterman/Chris Raschka, and Amelia Tells All, by Marissa Moss

TiffkyDoofky3Today’s tidbit: “Steig would later admit to being a bad student more interested in recreational activities such as touch football than ever cracking a book. He excelled in at least one of those recreational endeavors – he was a member of the All-American water polo team during his time at City College.” Read the complete post covering many aspects of Steig’s life from The Comics Reporter HERE


9 thoughts on “SteigFEST 9: Tiffky Doofky

  1. I adore that goofy sounding title! Have never heard of this book before, but I’m now curious as to how it all turns out. I think a lot of people wait around for their dreams (or foretold fortunes to come true). :}


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