‘Halloweensie’: Too Big for His Boots


Fall in Colorado is almost too gorgeous this year! It may have reached 90* yesterday, which was too much, but it’s back down to the 70’s now. More importantly there has been less wind than usual, so the trees are still glowing. I made myself a leaf crown today, AND I wore it all over town!

Susanna Hill’s 4th Halloweensie Contest rules:  write a 100 word or less (mine weighs in at 88) Halloween story appropriate for children, using the words pumpkinbroomstick, and creak.

Too Big for His Boots

“I want a broomstick,” said the cat.

“And, just like yours, a wide brim hat.

I’ll take a pair of pointy boots,

A nighty owl that glares and hoots,

One pumpkin cut to grin that glows,

Two warts like those that itch your nose,

Three blackened crows with crooked beaks,

A chair that rocks with cricks and creaks,…”

That cat! He carried on, and on,

‘Til Witch stood up and freed a yawn.

She waved her wand then thrice she spat.


“It’s not your birthday, silly cat!”

LeafCrown5To read more 2014 Halloweensie Contest entries click HERE

98 thoughts on “‘Halloweensie’: Too Big for His Boots

  1. FANTABULOUS, WOMAN! Cat warmed my heart (even though he’s too big for his boots). Wonderful poem. You’re the BEST! Love your crown. I must make one too. 🙂


  2. Made me laugh! HA! Great idea and great way of telling it. Like everyone else I want my own crown and once the leaves turn here, I’ll make myself one and I’ll post the photo.

    Happy Halloween! Don’t let the Great Pumpkin eat you! 🙂


  3. Here kitty, kitty! I’ll give you a Catnip Crackle bar.
    Loved the internal counting element. Three blackened crows with crooked beaks made me shiver!
    Off to make myself a twiggy tiara so we can be twinsies!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So the fact that you managed to use the words spat and thrice makes you an instant winner in my book. Love this. Poor cat got his comeuppance. Well done.


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