DREAM BIG WITH ME: Clean up in Brazil

DreamBigLogoDream Big With Me is a non profit organization working to promote a sustainable environment and education for the youth of Aguas Belas, a small community in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, hoping to improve the quality of life of the people who live there.  Their motto: Advance, Educate, Impact, Organize and Unite the Community. I was contacted by Sonhador Brasil and asked to accept a challenge to give a rendition of their logo, preserving the seven leaves on the tree and its colors. Here it is…

DreamTree-LionWatch the videos to learn more.


Like them on facebook – HERE. If you are interested in helping with their supplies for their Arts Festival, click HERE 


11 thoughts on “DREAM BIG WITH ME: Clean up in Brazil

  1. I love your logo and involvement in such a worthy cause. I’ve went to Brazil in 2002 and traveled into the middle of no where. The poverty is overwhelming. Lots of trash. Tobacco crops, beautiful but not rotated and detrimental to the soil. This is such a great cause!


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