PPBF: The Fly



Author/Illustrator: Elise Gravel
Publisher: Tundra Books, 2014 (Originally published as La mouche by Les Éditions de la Court Échelle Inc)
Ages: 6-9yrs
Themes: non-fiction, flies, insects
Opening: Let me introduce you to a very special guy. Here’s the fly. Hi there!
Summary: (from my library catalogue) Focuses on the common housefly and its fondness for all things revolting. The author takes obvious joy in detailing the housefly’s typical meals, which include such savoury delights as garbage-juice soup, dirty diapers, and ‘doggie doo’. The Muscidae family (to which thehousefly belongs) is depicted with Mom, Dad, a younger sibling, and a slouchy adolescent fly. Includes graphic illustrations and fact-filled text that traces its extensive history as well as its habitats, anatomy, and behaviors.


I like this book because: it is non-fiction fun: the texts include plenty of jokes and the silly illustrations are presented in a lovely color palette. What’s NOT to like?


lovely endpapers


Resources/activities: ask students to find dead flies – check the windowsills – and examine them with a magnifying glass; draw or collage your own flies – make up new species; create a fly swatting fly-swatter – or purchase a fun one, like these below, HERE; read another book in the series: The Worm.

For more Perfect Picture Book picks with teacher/parent resources, check out the list on Susanna Hill’s blog HERE.


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