KIDLIT411 Giveaway

If you haven’t already heard about KIDLIT411, what pile of manuscripts have you been hiding under? This week KIDLIT411 is offering a great GIVEAWAY to celebrate their launch. And even if you deplore free things, the interviews this week (every week) will keep you coming back for more. Click HERE.

I love short posts, but I thought I’d include an revelation. I saw a darling photo of a kid-lit friend’s daughter online this morning (Hi Carrie!), and felt compelled to draw. The act of drawing decided on the details for this ‘character’. What I mean is, I didn’t go back to the photo for reference, I let my drawing hand dictate the parts of image I didn’t remember. I let go. And the character made music!

Vivian 2_02(1)Who needs to take silly personality tests when you can draw!

29 thoughts on “KIDLIT411 Giveaway

  1. I looooove it, Julie! Can I get a signed copy? 🙂 I will show it to Chloe as soon as she comes home! (Out playing, of course!) It is so sweet to know her 80s style inspired you! 🙂


    • I love how she poofed out her hair, so I ‘elaborated’! This is just a sketch on my android, so if you want to print it out I’d reduce the size a little, as the resolution is only good for screen use. I can send a digitally signed copy via fb, if you’d like.


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