PPBF: Little Boy Brown

Author: Isobel Harris
Illustrator: André François
Publisher: Enchanted Lion, 2013; originally by J.B. Lippencott, 1949
Age: 3 – 6 yrs
Themes: families, city life/country life
Opening: My mother is Mrs. Brown and my father is Mr. Brown – that’s why I’m little boy Brown. I’m four and a half years old.
Summary: (from my library catalogue) Little boy Brown is a lonely city kid, though he doesn’t really know he’s lonely, who spends the best day ever with his nanny and her family in the country”– Provided by publisher.

I like this book because: though it does not follow a contemporary schema, little boy Brown walked straight into my heart – and has taken up permanent residency! And I don’t often come across picture books told so believably in first person. The illustrations were a surprise; I would have guessed the style to have been from the 60’s. This is an excellent example of how a mood can be translated in a lively manner with just one extra color too.

Resources/activities: This could lead to great discussions on living arrangements – apartment, hotel, or house, but also traditional cultures and other forms of housing around the world. Students could design and build model housing out of recycled materials too.

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28 thoughts on “PPBF: Little Boy Brown

  1. I love all these old books you find, Julie! Neat that it’s about the Brown family and illustrated all in brown 🙂 Love your activity suggestions too – I’m inspired to not do any work today and just o build city’s out of blocks 🙂


  2. I like this, Julie…especially the art – I’ve been trying to do more pen and ink….a little unsuccessfully. it’s a whole different style than I’m used to. Also tried building a ‘city’ out of duplo blocks w/ my 2 yr old grandblessing….he had more fun smashing the city than building it.


  3. I have fallen in love with a few Enchanted Lion books. One with lovely heavy pages … heavenly. This looks like a really great one. (You can hang out with a toddler I know any time … )


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