PPBF: Ding Dong! Gorilla!

WAIT! SHAMELESS INTERRUPTION. I’m chillin’ in the spotlight over at KID-LIT 411 todayHERE.

Author: Michelle Robinson
Illustrator: Leonie Lord
Publisher: Peachtree, 2013, first published in GB, by Orchard Books, 2013
Age: 3 – 8yrs
Themes: excuses, gorillas, pizza
Opening: You know we ordered a pizza? A GREAT BIG one with extra cheese? Well. I’m afraid I have some BAD news…
Summary: (from SLJ) After a gorilla shows up at the door, a boy has the wildest night of his life. Unfortunately, he then must explain to his family about crayon on the walls, toys and piles of dirty clothes all over the house, and a broken window and vase. And that’s not even the bad news! When the delivery boy arrives with dinner, the gorilla scares him away and then eats all of the pizza. Soon after, the animal slips discreetly out the door, too, leaving the boy to explain the situation, and his family with a messy house and nothing to eat.

Why I like this book: IT’S FUNNY! And not just the text: the illustrations are right up my alley, with bold strokes simple textures and great use of basic color schemes, and I enjoyed the spare use of ‘ornamental’ fonts – simple and not distracting. I can’t say all of the dialogue was age specific (no, I don’t know any kids who say ‘overexcited’), but the fun trumps any hiccups!

Resources/Activities: discuss excuses a child or adult may have used to avoid trouble (like having to go to the bathroom, so I could spit out all those mushy peas!); below is a page to color downloaded from the author’s page – HERE

For more Perfect Picture Book Friday picks and parent/teacher resources go to Susanna Hill’s blog – HERE

29 thoughts on “PPBF: Ding Dong! Gorilla!

    • I am still suffering from shock, as I just returned from the library, and was not ‘allowed’ to take out some books, but I need to figure out what policy changes have been made before I walk back in for a ‘friendly discussion’. It could be a life-restructuring change for this PB junkie!


  1. Loved the kidlit411 (even though I got there extremely late) and love the look of this book (even though I’m here extremely late too!) The whole concept sounds like fun, and I’m sure it’s a book kids will love! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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